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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yet ANOTHER hobby?!

My husband will put me away in a mental hospital if I take on yet another hobby, but what can I say?  I LOVE to make things. I once heard a little saying that 'Hobbies, cheaper than therapy'.  To bad for him I do both, LOL.  Seriously, I wanted to make my mom a little something for her birthday.  She is one of those who loves getting presents, and ones that are made too.  (Luckily for me!).

So, my sweet friend Jenny #1 (I have two friends named Jenny, so I nick name them #1 and #2), knows how to make beaded jewelry and offered her assistance.  I knew what I wanted to make, but as often is the case, I can't verbalize my thoughts.  So, off we go to the bead shop, which decided it wanted to be closed on Monday's, the nerve :)  Ok, plan B, off to Michael's for supplies.  Lucky for me, most of their stuff was on sale.  I find a bracelet sorta how I wanted, but I wanted a watch with a few charms hanging off of them. Jenny gets my drift and loads my basket up with things I need.

After a brief introduction to beading, crimping, etc she helps me string my first side and it looked so great!  She leaves me to do the other side myself and heads to the grocery store.  Of course I ran out of some supplies, so back to Michael's, where I decide to get stuff to make a 2nd watch.  I mean, 1/2 an hour to complete, who can beat that instant gratification?!

So, here it my final watch.  I'm pretty sure my mom won't be reading this blog before her bday, and if she does, oh well, here ya go mommy!  Love you and happy birthday.


  1. Glad I'm #1!! Looks great girl, in no time your skills will far surpass anything I can do!!

  2. That is So pretty! You are very talented! I know your mom will love it!